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    After Studying How to Land on a Suitable Job: 10 Simple Tricks

    Every university pass-out graduate search for a new and dream job after the graduation is completed so that he/she can earn the livelihood. In the recent world, the market for the demand and supply of employment is so tough that students are finding it stressful to land on jobs as per their expectations and desires. Even though you are seeing daily online jobs, the demand is so much at the peak that although you are shortlisted, the monthly pay is below the expectations, for which you wouldn’t agree anymore. To secure you desired jobs without facing difficulties and running from places to places, focus on the following ten tips that might help you get your dream job easily:

    1. Identify your abilities and expertise

    Majority of the graduates apply for jobs by only looking at the job titles posted on newspapers or online websites. Wait there! You are taking a wrong step here. You first need to recognize your own skills and then match it with the required abilities of that particular job. If you follow this simple logic, then you will be better able to identify that you are most fit candidate for the posted job, and also, you will be able to answer the interview questions relevantly.

    1. Consider most of the online websites and companies

    Thanks to the advanced technologies in the recent era because now you do not have to look for job on newspapers or visit company to company to ask them. Online platforms have made it much easier for us to search for any job by just searching for keywords. The more you use and search for jobs on such sites, the more your chances will increase to get you your dream job. Do not only search for position title, but go for ‘suggested’ and ‘similar’ employments that may pick your interest.

    1. Contract your search to the fit options

    Although, it’s good to match your skills with the required abilities posted on the job, you should do more research about you career goals, the company in which you are applying, the employees, and the culture or environment prevailing in the entity you are applying for. To ensure that whether your career will get a boost in the particular company, you should do more efforts to know about the values and ask employees there why or why they don’t like working there.

    1. Save the fit job requirements for future

    Although you have applied for your dream job before the deadline ends, multiple employers remove the job after the deadline and call for interviews after weeks or sometimes months (because they get so many resumes and they are busy interviewing numerous candidates). When you receive the call and if you have saved the job listings of that particular job, then you will get support to prepare for the interview and expect what type of questions could be asked.

    1. Modify your resume to attract the employers

    It’s prominent to modify your resume structure once or twice in a month because you are posting it in the same industry as per your field. Not only will it attract employers, but it will match with every certain employment you apply for. That will provide you competitive advantage over other candidate’s resumes.

    1. Do not repeat your resume points in your cover letter

    Bear this in mind that cover letter and resume are two separate documents. Do not ever do the mistake of repeating your resume points in your cover letter so that it seems to be a copy of it. Rather, you should appeal effectively to the employers about who you are and why you should be considered as most suitable candidate for the posted job.

    1. Properly prepare yourself for the interview

    Before appearing for the interview, you should properly research about the firm, it nature of business, its values, and its missions and visions. Also, you should look into mirror and ask yourself tough questions so that you gain enough confidence.

    1. Often ask questions from interviewers

    Along with preparing yourself well to answer technical questions, you should also boost your confidence in asking the employers questions, such as, about the nature of the business, the nature of job, or about the products or services the company is offering. You don’t ask a single question, then it would seem that you’re not much interested in knowing about the company.

    1. Provide a thank you note

    To showcase your interest and appreciation after the interview is finished, always send a thank you note to the interviewers for taking their precious time out of their busy schedule. This could be professionally done through sending email directly to the emails address of the interviewers.

    1. Do not agree on the offer letter suddenly

    Luckily, if you’re shortlisted for the job and the employer send you offer letter for the required position, first show you thanks to them and ask time when you will accept the job. Instead of immediately accepting the offer letter, take time to consider carefully whether the job, position, salary, benefits, and the company overall is right for you or you need to negotiate your pay with them.

    Author Bio:

    Courtney Connley is a graduate supervisor from Middlesex University having 10+ years of experience of guiding her students and pass-out graduates in how to conveniently get their dream job and how to tackle tough questions in interview. She is providing Assignment Help London from past 7 years and is also the senior brand officer for our website.


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